torsdag, september 24, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Last Saturday we went to Frognerseteren together with our eldest daughter who at the present is patient on Rikshospitalet (The main hospital in Norway) for a medical examination of her disase (Bechets syndrome). It was a very beautiful day, making good for all of us.

The profile of the restaurant against the sky.

This is the view from our sitting place outside the restaurant, looking over Oslo city and fjord.

And on our way down from the hill we could watch the construction of the new Holmenkollen arena for skijumping.

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Torsdag sa...

Hallo Aud,
I'm bach home from Hadeland since three weeks.
Web-cam from Frognerseteren is my favourite in Oslo, so I enjoy your SW very much.
Hilser Hartmut

Carver sa...

Those are beautiful photographs. I hope your daughter will be alright.

kden sa...

Great sky shots, especially the first one. Wishing your daughter the best.

Dina sa...

Interesting things to see under a beautiful sky.
Best wishes for your daughter.

Anonym sa...

Blue skies are so uplifting.

All the best for your daughter, too.

Bestemor Aud sa...

Thank you for all good wishes for our daughter.
The fact is that they have very little knowledge of Bechets syndrome in Norway (currently 10 persons). She has got insensitive in her feet and cannot walk - they think it is caused by an infection in the spinal marrow, that she got early this summer. They treat it with cytotoxin and another medicine I don't remember the name of.
We think they should get some help from Israel, who have a long time expertice on this diagnosis.

Eaglesbrother sa...

Beautiful country and skys

aka Eaglesbrother

Japa - cbanga360 sa...

Beautiful skies over your place. Wishing your daughter an early recovery.

magiceye sa...

beautiful images
hope your daughter gets the right treatment soon

Fjordheim sa...

Ja det er flott oppå der, og så er det så flott utsikt.
Ønsker deg ei riktig god helg :)

eileeninmd sa...

Wonderful photos, my favorite is the reflection of the moon on the water.