torsdag, september 24, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Last Saturday we went to Frognerseteren together with our eldest daughter who at the present is patient on Rikshospitalet (The main hospital in Norway) for a medical examination of her disase (Bechets syndrome). It was a very beautiful day, making good for all of us.

The profile of the restaurant against the sky.

This is the view from our sitting place outside the restaurant, looking over Oslo city and fjord.

And on our way down from the hill we could watch the construction of the new Holmenkollen arena for skijumping.

søndag, september 13, 2009


Først et besøk i Holmsbu kirke.

Så en tur med kano på Røskestadvannet.

torsdag, september 10, 2009

SkyWatch Friday.

This time I want to share some pictures taken on my 50 years anniversary from primary school in Trondheim last week-end.
The first one is from the old harbour buildings along the river Nidelven, floating through the city.

The second is in Ravnkloa, the old fish harbour - and now location for the tourist boat to Munkholmen (an island) nearby. The statue is named: The last viking.

Seagulls in Ravnkloa.

The tower of Værnes airport at my return back home.
Here is my home place, seen from the sky, as I soon was to land at Rygge Airport.

Thank you for your company on the journey!

fredag, september 04, 2009

50 years anniversary from primary school.

7th class D 1959 from Byåsen skole. A girls class. Were'nt we cute?
Me: back to the left.

In less than an hour I leave home for Rygge airport to fly to Trondheim. The butterflies have already entered my stomac.
We were 5 classes at this quantity parallell. About 70 of us are going to attend the jubilee.
The program starts to-morrow morning and is compleeted with a party on a hotel in the evening.
I bring my camera with me, and want to make a report when I'm back home!