fredag, august 28, 2009

SkyWatch Friday No. 59

Last Sunday, on my way to Stavern I was met by this scenario in the Sande bay (Sandebukta). Of course I had to stop and get it preserved for posterity! A good start on the day when my son was appointed new pastor in a Free Church in Larvik. He is "only" 29 years old, so it is a great challenge for him. But he loves living in a congregation!

This is the assembly room of the congregation. The text sounds: God is love.
How wonderful to serve such a God! :

torsdag, august 20, 2009

SkyWatch No. 58

This first picture I took by a visit to Vegusdal, Sørlandet, some weeks ago.

The last one was taken tuesday this week, in the afternoon by Filtvedt brygge. A real windy and rainy day, also with light and thunder!

torsdag, august 13, 2009

SkyWatch Friday No. 57

This afternoon we drove to catch up our grandson on the ferry. He is going to stay by us until Sunday. On the way home this sky was in the sight to the southeast. The weather has been changing a lot today. I had not brought my camera, so I urged my husband to take some shots with his telephone camera. The result was not bad?!

Happy SkyWatch everyone!