torsdag, mai 14, 2009

SkyWatch Friday no. 44

These pictures I took last Saturday evening at sunset nearby Eidsfoss in Vestfold. The lake is Eikeren. We were on our way to visit our daughter, son-in-law and their children. A very calm and beautiful evening.
The second shot is taken with my sunglasses as a filter.

9 kommentarer:

Anne-Sophie sa...

Vakre bilder! Jammen er du oppfinnsom. Med solbriller. Ler!

Rune (Bildebloggen) sa...

Eikeren er en flott plass :) Flotte bilder og ekstra poeng for kreativ filterbruk :o)

Ha en fin SkyWatch :)

Fjordheim sa...

Flotte bilder. En nydelig solnedgang over Eikeren.
Ønsker deg ei flott 17.mai helg :)

Brit sa...

Virkelig flotte bilder! Profft!
Ha en fin fredag og ei god helg!:-)

Torsdag sa...

Hallo Aud,

good to see this SWF, I'm back home from California and the dersert looking forward to the days I will spend in Norway this summer.

Ha en fin helg

Babooshka sa...

Stunningly beautiful

Karen sa...

Beautiful, serene photos !!

I like the suns reflection on the water..

Arija sa...

Incredible beauty and stillness in your photos. Just wonderful.

Amrita sa...

These are shot very professionally, excellent. I love the calm waters and the sunset.