søndag, april 19, 2009

Release-consert for Tims Familytree's debutalbum Dancing Leaves.

Yesterday I joined the releaseconsert for Tim's Familytree's first album: Dancing Leaves.

The band consists of our two eldest sons and our daughter-in-law. The consert was held on Sub Church's scene in Oslo, called Sub Scene. It's what we in Norway call a "low threshold" congregation for young people, where our sons have participated for years.

The tapes are taken with my compact digital photo camera, Samsung S730. The quality of the film and the sound is not maximal. If want maximal sound, buy the CD. It is very good. Can be bought on:


"When you smile":

It was a very uplifting experience for me, and I love sharing some samples with you. The cover of the CD is decorated by 0ur eldest daughter. The CD costs Nkr. 150,-. They have also a T-shirt with their logo: a tege (in Norwegian), drawn by our daughter. This costs Nkr. 150,-.

"When I brushed against Leonard Cohen":

There are texts following all the sounds on the CD. Here is the text of the last one I will share with you:

"I love you Lord":

Through the weakness of my soul Beneath these passing flesh and bones I love you Lord.

Past the scars within my eyes Behind these self deceiving lies I love you Lord.

Please, I beg you on my knees To free me from this sin disease I carry, Lord.

Pain that run throughout my veins To haunt down everything that gains What I adore I love you Lord.

Jesus, take this piece of clay And Save it so that I one day May meet you Lord

The holiness I can't perform Create in me that I am formed Alike you Lord.

So when I leave this shell behind I'll lift my eyes to see you shine In Glory, Lord.

But while I'm stuck down here on earth I'll make sure that this dust and dirt shall serve the cause Of loving you, my Lord.

You - The King of all kings You - Beginning and End Messiah and Saviour

You - The Lord of All Lords The power behind it all Are we worth your endeavour.

Hear my guts howl Renew and refine me Lord Divide my spirit and soul With the power of your mighty sword.

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Amrita sa...

Verty creative and meaningful .May God bless this album and use it for His glory